Friday, November 13, 2009

Leaving on a jet plane.

Look out Ann Arbor. San Diego Shores has finally left the airport and they are looking to show up and take your gold. The Speedo Cup tournament will span 3 days and include the best water polo competition the nation has to offer for 8th graders. The national championships will soon be underway and their is a definite buzz in the air.

Shores will play La Jolla, CA at 12 noon EST on Saturday in their tournament opener in a repeat of recent San Diego County League play in which Shores was victorius 9-6. This time however, the stakes are much higher.

I am currently in the air over Nebraska and will have some photos and more updates of the trip and of the tournament after I land and get settled in Ann Arbor.

Keep checking back, updates will follow every game.

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