Friday, October 30, 2009

Local Automotive Enthusiast is Changing Perceptions

Josh Aispuro is an active car community enthusiast and is currently in the process of becoming a member of Team Showpow. His Integra is cleanly modified and has all of the makings of becoming a fan favorite in the upcoming show season.

Tired of negative media coverage, unwarranted police profiling stops, and overpublicized street racing incidents that are typically not connected to car enthusiasts, Josh has taken a stand for auto lovers. He is currently organizing a food drive for a local shelter and shows the leadership qualities that can bring a positive reaction to the car scene in the eyes of the community.

The canned food drive will take place at De Anza Cove on November 15th at 11 A.M. This is being promoted on various automotive forums including SDRev, a local forum for automotive enthusiasts, and will include a barbecue, games for the kids and the kids at heart, and the acceptance of non perishable food donations to be given to a local San Diego homeless shelter to provide Thanksgiving meals for the less fortunate.

There are those who talk about how great they are, and then there are guys like Josh, who go out and prove it.

Here are some photos of his car from a community fundraising effort that Josh organized to help my daughter achieve a goal and be able to compete in the Speedo Cup.

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