Saturday, October 17, 2009

San Diego Shores trounced by SOCAL, 21-3.

As a biased parent trying to provide unbiased information and updates, games like this are hard to talk about.

San Diego fell behind 13 seconds into the game and by the end of the first quarter it had turned into a full scale blowout. While the speed of the SOCAL team appeared overwhelming at times, a handful of Shores players managed to continue to show the type of heart and grit that you would expect from a top tier water polo team.

The types of lessons learned in games like this are invaluable as we have an opportunity to teach our children that character is most measurable when you are losing by 20, and not when you are winning by 20. A defeat like this is a hard pill to swallow, but our girls seem up to the challenge of rebounding tonight as they know that they can still take the bronze medal by winning out in their final two games.

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